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What is Foxgloves?

Foxgloves is Ilia Neudecker’s consultancy. Ilia has more than 25 years’ experience in the complex, dynamic and knowledge-intensive world of environmental policy – since 2014 as independent adviser. Policy fields where she has worked successively are: waste management, agriculture, nature and soil; sustainable consumption and production/resource efficiency.

Ilia combines knowledge of the scientific foundation with experience of how policy and instruments work. As adviser to various politicians in the Brussels arena she has developed a sharp eye for administrative and political developments and a good nose for timing and positioning.

She is at her best in processes with a variety of interests, with strong urgency and an inner complexity – whereby she greatly values a solid process and good communication.

Why the name 'Foxgloves'?

Foxgloves is the English name for the Digitalis purpurea, a European plant that is at home in a variety of habitats. If I suddenly see its purple-pink flowers when out walking, it puts me in a happy and optimistic mood.

The foxglove stands for the inspiration that I get out of Nature to throw myself into my ideal: a sustainable society. Its name also contains hints of both cunning and caution, important characteristics in the world of European politics.

Ilia Neudecker
degree in social & economic history | further education in environmental sciences | policy development at national level | European negotiator | creative industries | takes you from analysis to solutions | through dialogue & collaboration | listening, connecting, creative, enterprising

Always happy to share a cup of coffee, in Leiden or elsewhere, to explore opportunities for collaboration.


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