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Circular Economy

The transition to a circular economy is taking shape, people are discovering the opportunities offered by the circular economy in more and more places in the Netherlands.

I see Circular Economy as a puzzle of which every stakeholder holds a piece. You cannot go circular on your own,  you have to look for cooperation with value chain partners, and sometimes go beyond the boundaries of sectors. It is a joint learning process that starts with formulating your personal ambition and accepting that you are embarking on an exciting journey, where you do not always know where you will end up. Foxgloves offers help through training and coaching.

I am interested in helping to drive this transition and support stakeholders. Entrepreneurs often benefit from knowledge transfer, support in their search for innovative, circular solutions, and coaching when starting to take practical steps. On the other side of the value chain, governmental and other organisations that procure on a large scale or give out contracts, can create demand for the innovative entrepreneur. Foxgloves offers help through training and coaching.

LEADER / Rural development

More and more people live in cities, not just in the Netherlands but worldwide. Much attention is given to smart cities, climate-neutral cities, etc. However, transitions are also taking place in the countryside. A stronger connection between city and country is now more important than ever!

I am contributing to this, by acting as a knowledge broker and coach to circular economy projects in the region of Zuid-Holland. I participate in LEADER Holland-Rijnland, which supports a number of projects on the theme of circular economy. The cofinanced programme is still open for proposals.

I am also a LEADER manager in the region of Noord-Holland.

Policy and governance
Having previously worked for 2 decades at the Ministry of Environment in the Netherlands, I have a solid background in environmental policy and governance. I worked on topics like waste management, agri-environmental issues, resource efficiency and on horizontal issues like reporting, EU accession, at national, EU, OECD and UN level.

More recently, in my work as an independent consultant, I have delivered policy analysis and advice for a number of projects.  I have also supported several projects through the programming and organisation of working sessions. Clients have been several Dutch ministries and governmental institutions, as well as Defra (UK) and Naturvårdsverket (Sweden).

Make it Work - better implementation of environmental rules (2015-2019)

Policy makers and regulators from different European countries worked together in this country-led initiative. The last topic we worked on was circular economy. We developed a guidance for regulators that shows the opportunities and challenges in the relevant European directives and regulations, describes good implementation practices and makes suggestions to promote cooperation between regulators, business stakeholders and policy makers. The result is the Guidance ‘Making the Circular Economy work’.

Promote pollinators (2018-2019)
The Coalition Promote Pollinators is a group of front-running countries who are working to protect pollinators and strengthen attention for the important role of pollination, for example for food supply. I was part of the team building up the secretariat of the Coalition Promote Pollinators. The secretariat facilitates, mediates in knowledge demand and supply and brings the members together in inspiring active sessions.